Twenty Two Health Tips from Evangelist Lester Roloff

Christian evangelist and natural health teacher Lester Roloff helped many people regain their health. He did it by encouraging them to use fresh vegetable juice as well as a predominantly plant-based diet. I liked Roloff's health teachings when I first read them because he recognized the body's need for a balanced diet.

-- from Food, Fasting, and Faith

And now for Brother Roloff's 22 health tips…

1. Eat uncooked food one day each week.

2. Fast at least three meals a week.

3. Do not eat fast.

4. Do not drink things real hot or real cold.

5. Do not drink liquids with your meals.

6. Drink your fruit juices at least forty-five minutes before you eat and wait at least two hours after you eat before you drink fruit juices or vegetable juices.

7. DO NOT eat starches, sugar, or sweet fruits such as raisins, dates, and figs with meats or fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, lemons, apples, pears, peaches, etc.

8. Avoid fried foods, gravies, hot sauces, and black pepper.

9. Drink a lot of pure water.

10. Do not eat late at night.

11. Since food is sanctified by the Word of God and prayer, quote a verse of Scripture and always ask the Lord to bless the food.

12. Young people, remember that a good complexion does not come out of a jar or a bottle, but out of your stomach. A healthy outside comes from a healthy inside.

13. Make your own toothpaste out of sea salt and baking soda. The dentist will tell you this is safer and better for your teeth.

14. Take a good fast walk every day, concentrating on breathing deeply. It's better to walk early in the morning when things are fresh and you get your purest air.

15. Wear the most comfortable shoes if you want healthy feet.

16. Do not wear clothes that interfere with the circulation.

17. Do not be afraid of sunshine. There is healing in it.

18. Sleep on a hard bed and learn to sleep on your back. Your framework is in your back, but if you sleep on your stomach or side, you are likely to impair the organs of your body and many times develop cricks in your neck and in your arms. I would rather sleep three hours on a hard bed than four on a soft bed.

19. Do not sleep in a room with the gas turned on because it will burn out the oxygen. Keep plenty of fresh air in the room.

20. Try to be asleep by ten o'clock and not later than eleven. One hour before midnight is worth two after midnight.

21. Do not be deceived either by the advertisements or by the great intellects. Good food and good health habits really work. Find out what your body needs and faithfully provide it.

22. Don't compare money or time with health. Health is priceless.

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